• LID – Living With Industrial Disasters and risk

LID – Living With Industrial Disasters and risk (Forthcoming)


Living With Industrial Disasters and risk (LID) targets industrial risk as one of the key societal challenges for contemporary society. Indeed, industrial disasters have become a recurrent feature of contemporary existence and a challenge that the EU, as one of the main global institutional and political actors, has to address. Tragic, critical and global events such as Bhopal, Chernobyl, and to a lesser extent Minimata and Seveso (place names now synonymous with different poisons), have become monuments to our age. Therefore, the threat to sustainability that LID challenges and impacts is twofold: it is both environmental and social. It is environmental because pollution and accidents destroy nature and impede the natural processes of life. It is social because these events destroy social cohesion and damage people’s wealth, health and relationships.

LID aims to raise individual and collective awareness of the causes and consequences of industrial disasters, and to promote new approaches to preventing disasters and managing risk and uncertainty. It will do so through the realisation of an open Digital Public Space platform using integrated open tools and a dedicated digital repository. The LID platform will integrate the different functions and approaches of the three main models of web interaction: social networks, distributed production of knowledge, and the Internet of Things.

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